Two Decades of Formation Testing and Production Logging in Saudi Arabia

29 October 2018 – After almost two decades of supporting Saudi Aramco’s formation evaluation and reservoir engineering operations, Dr. Murat Zeybek, (Schlumberger – Reservoir Engineering Advisor), gave his farewell talk entitled, “Two Decades of Formation Testing and Production Logging in Saudi Arabia” on 29 October 2018. He started his talk by highlighting the major challenges in reservoir description resulting from reservoir complexity. He also emphasized that technology was an integral part of what we do routinely, through demonstration with several key applications of advanced formation testing for enhanced reservoir understanding. He closed his talk with an example of data integration across several wells and multiple evaluation techniques (formation testing, reservoir saturation, production logging and inter-well electromagnetics) that helped diagnose cross-flow due to pressure differential in a part of the field. A token of appreciation was presented to Murat by Khalid Zainalabedin, manager of Reservoir Description & Simulation Department, Saudi Aramco, and Faisal Enezi, President of SPWLA SAC, to recognize his long service to the local petrophysical community.