Microseismic Event Location Using Direct and Reflected Waves

28 Mar 2019 – SPWLA Saudi Chapter conducted a technical seminar titled “Microseismic Event Location Using Direct and Reflected Waves” with Pierre-François Roux, Global Microseismic advisor in BHI. In his talk, Pierre reviewed two important factors drive the precision of the hypocenters of the microseismic events which are the quality of the modeled travel times and the effective aperture of the recording network. In his study, he focused on improving the two aspects mentioned above. First, by adding the reflected P-wave in the velocity model calibration and increased the constraints and avoid falling into secondary minima. The second part consists in the enhancement of the effective data-acquisition aperture for the location purpose. By adding the secondary wave arrival used in the calibration and recorded by the same sensor network. Interested topic with 45 attendees.